Allison Transmission 13.2

Allison Transmission 13.2 Diagnostic software.

Allison DOC(TM) (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) For PC - Service Tool
New! Version 13.2 has these exciting new features:

Supports 5th Generation Transmission controls
5th Generation Troubleshooting Manuals (1k2k and 3k4k)
New Technician's Library
Ability to reprogram certain 5th Gen Customer Modifiable Contants (CMCs) that previously required a new calibration (password controlled)

Universal Allison DOC® Features:

Universal Allison DOC® Product combines DOC For PC, DOC For PC H 40/50 EP and DOC For Fleets
A valid license is necessary to enable each product offering
New consistent user interface for all products based on the DOC V9.0.0 release
Renames “Collect Engine Parameters” to “Display J1939 Data” in the 4th Gen TCM Connection Options
Expands J1939 Data grid to add features for engine, brakes and body controllers
Updates features for CEC3 Off Highway 4th Generation Transmission Controller
Adds capability to detect and connect to J1939 500K
The following translator device versions support this functionality:
Noregon Wireless/USB – All Allison Products v3.0.28.0
NEXIQ USB-Link v8.1.1.0
Updates Adaptive Flag labels for WTEC2 and WTEC3
Updates Retarder Available/Status logic parameter and other Autodetect parameter logic
Updates utility to eliminate error messages that occur while attempting to print reports or reprogram CMCs

The Allison DOC® (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) For PC–Service Tool is a diagnostic system designed for use with Allison’s 3000/4000 Product Families transmissions, 1000/2000 Product Families transmissions, and transmissions using CEC3/CEC2/CEC1 controls.

This PC-based diagnostic program is capable of communicating with Allison 4th Generation Control System Module TCMs, WTEC II and WTEC III Electronic Control Units (ECU), 1000/2000 (Pre-Allison 4th Generation Controls) TCMs, CEC3, CEC2, and CEC1 Electronic Control Units (ECU).
Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool performs the following:

Monitors 3000/4000 Product Families Transmission Control Module (TCM) data
Monitors 1000/2000 Product Families Transmission Control Module (TCM) data
Monitors CEC2 and CEC3 (Off-Highway) data
Monitors CEC (ATEC) Electronic Control Units (ECU) data using a proprietary protocol and the Noregon Wireless/USB Translator - All Allison Products device
Displays multiple transmission parameters
Displays a graphical instrument panel with analog and digital gauges
Displays a graphical strip chart
Records and plays back diagnostic sessions
Prints diagnostic reports
Reprograms selected TCM parameters (requires completion of Allison Transmission training)

Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool provides the following features:

Security measures to control reprogramming TCM/ECU parameters
Integrated Help with training videos
Diagnostic Trouble Code information with a direct link to 3000/4000 Product Families Troubleshooting Manuals
Diagnostic Trouble Code information with a direct link to the 1000/2000 Product Families Troubleshooting Manual
Diagnostic Trouble Code information with a direct link to CEC 2 Troubleshooting Manuals
A demo mode using prerecorded data
SmartConnect for detecting the PC-to-vehicle translation device and communication link
Communication troubleshooting wizard for those cases where the tool is unable to connect to a control module
Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool is compliant with applicable TMC Recommended Practices, SAE Standards, and CE Standards
Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool is RP1210A compliant

Operating System and PC Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows XP® Professional, Windows Vista® Home Basic (or better), or Windows 7®
20 GB Hard Drive, (40 GB or greater recommended)
3 GB free hard drive space required to install the program (after software installation, the operating system requires sufficient free hard disk space to run the program)
1.3 GHz (2GHz recommended)
1 GB of RAM system memory (2 GB recommended)
Monitor capable of supporting a resolution of 1280x768 or higher recommended
One available USB port - USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 recommended)
DVD-ROM or USB port depending on installation media
Full administrative privileges are required to install, use, and update the Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool
Internet broadband connection capability (Internet Explorer® 6 or greater) for activation/reactivation, receiving updates and file downloads

Catalogue type: Diagnostics
Regions: All regions 
Language: English
Operating system: WinXP, Windows 7/8/10
Disk amount: 1 DVD
Date: 8/2015 
Price: 100 USD

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